Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Note to Self: Don't be a Cunt

So I wrote a post yesterday, then immediately deleted it because it made me sound like a gigantic cunt. Seriously.

What happened was that I found a blog I hated. It isn't any of you guys, promise. It's someone I know in real life. And basically I just talked about why it sucked.

You know how sometimes your vagina is bleeding and it makes you an awful person for a few days? Yeah. That's my excuse. I'm playing to the stereotype. I mean, I'm not exactly lying. My hormones get really out of control, but mostly it's before my period. Once I actually get it I do tend to settle down a bit. But I digress (unless you guys wanna hear more about my period! No? Are you sure?).

So anyway, the part that sucked about deleting that post was that after talking about what I didn't like about that particular blog, I got to link to all the awesome blogs I love. And then I realized that I don't need to be a cunt first to justify talking up my favorite blogs. So yeah. I'm just going to be a nice person for once and OMGZLINKYLINKYBANGBANG some of the blogs I love.

1. Oh Noa - this one is my absolute favorite. Everything you will read on this site is awesome and hilarious, but also relatable and accessible. And when you comment, she will respond to it, because she's fucking awesome like that. Read Noa, seriously.

2. Night Caffeine - this is my real life bestie's blog. She's funny and awesome and interesting. Show love.

3. Little Footprints - Angie GETS me. We have been through so many similar experiences with infertility and loss and her blog is an outlet for my grief, but also a place for me to remember my son and celebrate his life. Angie is fucking amazing.

4. Mommy Shorts - Funny and smart and relatable. And she has AWESOME giveaways.

5. Crappy Pictures - Hilarious and spot-on parenting blog.

6. Awesomely Luvvie - I love her roasts!

7. Flourish in Progress - Fucking gangsta.

I have quite a few other blogs I read regularly, but these are the ones I'm always looking forward to. Tell me what other awesome blogs I should be reading!


Tattoo My Heart said...

I found you through Oh, Noa - she's awesome. And actually, I found her through The Bloggess, who regularly makes me choke on my own spit from laughing too hard (no, really, I mean that as a compliment!). Look forwards to reading more from you. :)

Jaclyn said...

Come to think of it, that's how I found Noa too... I can't believe I forgot The Bloggess! She's awesome too!

Thanks for reading, I'm always, like 14-year-old-boy-about-to-get-my-first-bj excited when I see new people around!

AKD said...

I don't know what is more awesome, the kind words for each of us, or your reply in the last comment. That is totally the excitement (I say as if I have ever gotten a bj).

Front Desk Ninja said...

I love that I'm finding amazing blogs to further help my procrasination at work. I come from Oh Noa, found via The Bloggess.
The fact you put the word cunt in your title makes me insta-love you.
Consider yourself blown.

Jaclyn said...

I feel you on the procrastination. I do like 95% of my blogging at work.

Thanks for the comment mouth love :)

Jen said...

I feel your pain, my sistah. Every month my hormones turn me into Joan-fucking-Crawford. "No wire hangers, bitches!"