Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Know How Much You Love My Posts About Bodily Fluids

Back when I had my baby shower, I received a metric butt-load of stuff. I don't think I bought a diaper until Caitlyn was a month old. And she's always been on the small side, so the variety of smaller sized clothes I received lasted until she was nearly a year old.

There was one thing, though, that I didn't understand. Washcloths. I got so many fucking washclothes. Literally at least a hundred. And bibs too. Between the two, I had nearly 200 6-8 inch squares of fabric. The bibs were cute, so I tried to use them all at least a few times. But the washcloths, my god; I couldn't use all those things if my life depended on it.

I don't think Caitlyn was any less messy than any other baby. I had use for some of these things (though, admittedly I haven't used a bib in at least a year- she just rips them off and laughs at me), but I just couldn't understand the sheer volume in which I received them.

It was my experience that the gifts I received from other moms always had at least one thing that I didn't think I'd need at the time. Then Caitlyn would hit a particular stage and I'd realize that those moms really did know exactly what I needed. They were just thinking a little bit further ahead than I was.

But even two years later, I still couldn't make sense of all those washcloths. How often are these people bathing their children? Three, four times a day? So I started using them for other things: Wiping up spills when I ran out of paper towels, cleaning off the filthy high chair, substituting them for wipes if Caitlyn had a rash. And you don't want to use it for bath time after using it for any of those things, so the alternate-use washcloths usually went straight to the garbage.

Then last night, I was looking for a fucking washcloth and couldn't find one. In case you are wondering, it's REALLY hard to not get vomit on the rug when someone pukes on your foot. Touche, experienced moms, you got me again.


Front Desk Ninja said...

I love when you talk about your bodily fluids.


I nominated you for a Liebster Award.
Even though you got me sick.

Gia said...

Hhahaha that is unfortunate. Caitlyn was probably teaching you a lesson. She likes her washcloths nearby.