Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Ok. I had a post planned. It was a good one. I'll still do it, tomorrow maybe.

But there was something else. Something that eclipsed the other stuff that happened today. A milestone. A huge one.

Caitlyn used the potty for the very first time.

There was once before, when I found pee in the vicinity of her potty, like she stood next to it and peed on it like a dog. But this was different.

It started while I fed her dinner. Or, more accurately, while she fed herself dinner. Because usually she whines and fidgets instead of eating, but tonight she was happy to feed herself instead of just throwing the contents of her bowl at the dog. But halfway through dinner, I noticed she kept pulling at her diaper and had it most of the way off. She'd had the farts like whoa, so I thought maybe she finally pooped and was annoyed about sitting in it. She finished eating and I took her out of her chair, where she immediately took off her diaper, pointed to her vagina and said "pee-pee".

Game on, friends. Game fucking on.

I told her if she needed to pee she should sit on her potty and hustled her right over there. She did what she usually does and sat for 8 seconds, got up and started wandering around. Then she picked up her bowl of pasta from the table and sat back down on the potty to snack while she peed.

It was magical.

It was a little weird that she needed a snack to properly negotiate her pee, but I was extremely excited about the whole thing in general. There was clapping. And cheering and giving of cookies. Yes. Bribery is a surefire way to get this to happen again.

My only problem is, if she does start using the potty regularly...well, where the hell am I going to find underwear in her size? Tiny-assed kid still wears 18 months. I might have to take my mom's advice and shrink down some 2Ts in a load of hot laundry.

But I'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Because right now we are all very happy to embrace pissing on the toilet.


Gia said...

CONGRATS!!!! Yaaaay for the beginning of the end of diapers and poo!

AKD said...

Hmm. Is it possible to put stitches in the back of underwear? Or I am guessing the leg holes would still be too big... I am sure the Internet will have the answer! Back soon.

AKD said...

I don't know why them coming in a vinyl bag is such a huge deal, but it looks like training pants may work? http://www.amazon.com/Gerber-Training-Pant-Pack-Months/dp/B003BIFOK4/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top

Misty said...

Woo-hoo!! Good for you and for her. Although, be careful about the habit of having her eat on the potty. She might start to associate eating with peeing and then you will have one hell of a mess at the dinner table. But, don't worry about that right now. I always say, whatever works to get them to start going on that potty, do it. Treats, bribery, toys, even snacking on pasta. Getting them to do it is the hardest fucking part. So congrats, mama!! Job well done. Don't be surprised if there are some set backs. Just a warning. But she is on the road and will be pottying like a champ soon. Oh, and yes, the pull up type pants are probably a good idea to start. That way she can take them on and off but can still pee and poo in them.