Friday, March 25, 2011

Just a few words before I go away

So I know I've sort of fallen off the face of the earth this last month, but rest assured, I am not dead. Just busy and whiny and prepping for our trip to Peru, for 10 days, starting on Wednesday.

A quick update:
Caitlyn has been on some sort of hungry strike, and forcefully pushes my hand away if I even try to get food near her mouth hole. She recently cut her two front, top teeth and I think there's another on the way. I'm really hoping the last one cuts through before our 9 hour flight in a couple of days. She has also learned that it makes a funny sound if she pats her hand over her mouth while yelling. Also, we have seen a few, very tentative steps in this past month. More on all those things another day though. I've got packing and shit to do.

I'm going to really really try to make a few posts while we are on vacation. During our last trip, I tried to write (not here though) about everything we did after we got back home and I never quite finished because there was just SO much. This trip is extra special because it will be Caitlyn's first to the home of her ancestors and to visit our extended family there, so I want to document it as we go so I don't leave anything out.

Lastly, Nadine and I are doing the 2011 AIDS walk in NYC on May 15. Please donate to this very worthy cause (and also, my fat ass will be walking 6 miles. That deserves some cash, people). Click here to link to my page and donate your asses off!


Mother Knows Best Reviews said...

Alice is hitting her hand over her mouth while hollering this past week, too! She finally got fed up that we wouldn't do it for her all of the time.