Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Update

Yeah. You definitely thought this was going to be about the most recently passed holiday, Thanksgiving, didn't you? You would be wrong.

Because I'm desperately inefficient and a chronic procrastinator, I'm going to tell you about Halloween. Oh come on you guys, it's only been 29 days! Just because I'm going to pick out a Christmas tree this weekend doesn't mean its too late to talk about Halloween! Hey. You know what? FUCK YOU. I will talk about Halloween now just to spite you. Orange and Black, motherfuckers. You don't know me.

You know what I just realized? "My kid really likes candy" isn't a blog post. Maybe this is why I didn't write about Halloween sooner? I don't know. Okay. Let me put my game face on and get into this shit:

Caitlyn loved Halloween. LOVED. And obviously, the aforementioned candy was a part of that. But it wasn't actually the only part. She loved trick-or-treating even before I let her get all jacked up on sugar. Part of it is what a little attention-whore she is; she really enjoyed all the random strangers oohing and ahhing and telling her how adorable she is. She loved hanging out with her cousins. And oh-my-god did she love wearing her costume.

You see, last year I made a mistake. Last year, I put her in an awkward costume that made her sweaty and cranky. She was a hamburger last year, which was utterly adorable, but I spent $30 on a costume that she wore for no more than 20 minutes.

This year I got smart about it and picked something more practical. Caitlyn loves cats. So that is what she was. You want to know what a cat costume consists of? Black sweatpants, a black turtleneck and a headband with attached ears and an elastic band with a tail attached to go around her waist. Bam. Costume. It's been a month and she still wears those ears. And expects me to wear mine. And then we both have to meow. It's kind of adorable, actually.

Anyway, Caitlyn ran from house to house with the energy of a cheetah on meth. When someone would let her pick her piece of candy, she would hand it to one of her cousins because she's fucking adorable like that. Then I gave her a lollipop and that was her own personal Jesus Christ for the rest of trick-or-treating.

It was awesome, and Caitlyn spent the entire time giggling and running and having the greatest time ever.

Pictures you say? Of course there are pictures:


Front Desk Ninja said...

you're fucking adorable
your kid is too cute for words, and I would have let her have handfuls of candy after she gave her candy choice to her cousins.
Because I reward sharing like that.

Also, this post is kind of exactly what I needed to read in my time of rage and plans blowing up in my face. :D

abletav is my captcha, and I don't understand what the captcha gods are trying to tell me now...

wagthedad said...

OK, Halloween is all cool and all, but what we all REALLY want to know:

Is your daughter pottying in the potty now?

I care, that's the only reason I ask. I care enough not to misspell her name, because I can't remember where all the i's and y's go, but I DO know that her name is pronounced


Jaclyn said...

@FDN- Sorry that shit isn't going your way- did your job fall through? I hope everything is okay!

@WTD- Ummm... she's shitting on my floor... less, I guess? She is definitely not using the potty. Definitely. NOT. And it's spelled Caitlyn- I put the Y in the same place as it is in my name.